[Harp-L] Re: Buying new harp

Hi y'all,
The reason I bought the new harp is because my SP20 is kinda defective. Hole number 8 is not working properly. Some experienced player in the list told me to dunk, rinse or soak the harp and look for gunk inside the harp. I just did and nothing happened. They also suggested me to try gapping the reed. However, I have been playing harmonica for 3 months now (NEWBIE :(  ). Lack of experience you know since this is my first harp so I have to put off the idea of gapping the reed. Thats why I want to buy a new harp so the old one can be the "decoy" for me :D. Anyways, do any of you know any harp technician in Vancouver, Canada?
Thinh Phan

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