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Stick with Special 20's for around 5 harps.  That way you are
comparing the keys only, not the models.  <snip>>

thanh huong <email address deleted to prevent spam> wrote:
Hi guys,
I have been thinking of purchasing my new harp. I got a SP20 in the key of C. I wonder if I should buy Hohner again or other brands like Suzuki, Lee Oscar, etc. Any advice?
I'm gonna chime in here. I usually lurk and only jump in to certain threads...

but if you don't have a main brand of harp that you prefer and are looking to find out... get some of each in the keys that you would put together as a gigging kit. At least, till you figure out what brand you prefer, you will have a gigging kit.

Michael has a point, and SP20's in 5 keys is a great start. You cannot go wrong following that advice. SP20's are absolutely relaiable. Alot of gigging Pros have a kit of SP20's. If you want to be successful, do what the successful do. ++!!

But you might be a better fit for a Seydel in the low keys, and with Hohners in the higher keys.

That's me. I get a great feel and harp response in G to Bb with Seydel. Maybe cuz the spacing is a little larger. And the Marine bands in C, D & E are right for me.

I would have never figured that out if I hadn't tried a bunch of different harps. But I have been tooooting since
68. Had a lot of time to mess around and find out.

Each of us has a unique way we make a harp play. Our vocal cavity and chest resonance, and lip size, tongue, and all that stuff makes getting advice on what brand of harp kind of a crap shoot.

There's no law that sez you can't do it on all of them.

When life asks you to jump in...

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