[Harp-L] Re: Buying New Harp

I concur with Michael but for a different reason.  In my experience, out of
the box Suzukis are more reliable than Hohners.  I have never gotten a bad
or marginal Suzuki out of the box.  Suzuki's QC is probably the best in the
world.  But, in spite of this, the Special 20 is probably a better long term
investment because of the ease of repair.  Face it, as harp prices go up,
harp repair and rebuild is probably the future of the diatonic.  As much as
I like my Suzukis, a properly rebuilt and tweaked Special 20 is a truly
fabulous harp.  If you start with the S-20 chassis, you have the basis for
your local harp tech to begin building you a collection of harps you will
use (and re-use) for decades.  That is the decision I have reached in my
harp purchases.  I am not buying new harps as replacements.  I have a good
relationship with a local tech.  When my current S-20's and MB's go, I will
spend the purchase money with him (even if I do have to spend a little more)
to get back a custom harp rebuilt to my specs rather than taking a chance on
the Hohner blister pack lottery.

Bill Kumpe
Tulsa, OK        

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