Subject: [Harp-L] Doobie Brothers - Without Love

Hi Al: 
LOVE the Doobie Brothers.
This is from The Captain and Me - 1973 - shows Tom Johnston's harp solo up  
( #
Where in NJ, can I ask - I mean roughly?
If you're within driving distance, we have the Garden State Harmonica Club  
in Glen Rock, New Jersey- check out the website:
and we do an Annual 3 day festival (hopefully we WILL be able to have  
another this coming November if someone steps up as President upon the  
resignation/retirement of Val Redler-Caltabellotta, and co-Chair of the  Festival), 
but it's an amazing Club for all kinds of players and the  Festival's  
brilliant - especially the past 3 years with Val and Phil  Caltabellotta in 
I'm assuming you're a diatonic player -  we have both diaonic and  
chromatic players attending the club regularly and the Festival. Dennis  Gruenling 
is a regular at the Festival and a celebrity member of the club whose  
schedule is just a bit too busy to be a regular attendee although he did come by  
last year with Adam Gussow. Dennis is probably one of THE best blues players 
of  his generation and has his own radio show out of: 
Fairleigh Dickinson University: 89.1 FM in NJ/NY metro area -  streaming 
live on Thursdays 1:00 - 3:45p.m. @ _wfdu.fm_ (       
1:00pm-3:45pm    Blues & the  Beat  Dennis  Gruenling  _dennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
I don't get to attend every Garden State meeting since I live on Long  
Island and it's a hike, but they meet twice a month on Monday  Evenings (first 
and third), and the last one I attended included blues  diatonic players, 
guitar player/singers, chord and chromatic duets, chromatics  alone, the 
ensemble, a mish-mash of blues with everyone joining in and even me  playing a wee 
bit of Suzuki Melodion. It's active, growing, welcomes  all ages and 
genres: blues, jazz, classical, country and is anything BUT stuffy.  We have 
coffee and pastries - everyone's friendly and no one wants to  leave when it's 
time to pack up and stop playing.
If you're anywhere close by - you might want to give us a look-see or even  
just stop in and say hello, or alternatively - contact Val or me if you'd 
like  more info.
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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 15:26:11 -0400
From: Al Mizenko  <almiz111@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Doobie Brothers - Without  Love
To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx

Hate to be a PIA but can someone  help.

Above tune has Harp solo which I like. What is the album song key,  Harp 
key, position? Anybody? Anybody?

Also I just now realize how intense  this Harp business is - from all the
email activity. After clarinet, organ  and tenor sax, I am fining the Harp
to be fantastic!!

One thing, once  you are paying attention, the Harp solos are all over the
place and I like  that.


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