[Harp-L] Bill Romel Custom Chromatic for Sale

Hi Folks,

Bill Romel was a friend of mine and I was sad to hear of his passing. He
was well known for his custom chromatic the Romello and his windsavers, etc.

I have kept in touch with his wife over the years and she has contacted me
asking my assistance to help her sell his PERSONAL Romello chromatic. His
instruments were very excellent and she has assured me that the it is in
excellent condition. I am expecting pictures tomorrow. I have no doubt that
this instrument is a real find.

I am making nothing from this just trying to help her out because she needs
the money.

Please contact me if interested. I will be handling the communication and
then the lucky buyer will be paying her direct via paypal.

Starting bid is $1,000 US.


Matthew Smart

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