[Harp-L] A few amps to sell

Hi all,
Trying to make some room (undoubtedly to fill with more stuff but that's another story), so a few amps to sell.  Email for details:
1. 1961 Fender Concert: previously owned by AZ harp legend Bill Tarsha( a longtime friend of mine who sold it to me a year or so back) , still has the Rocket 88s business card taped inside and has probably seen a thousand gigs. Four unmatched Jensens, etc so not stock  but I can give you the lowdown. $1600 plus ship.
2. 1953 or 54 Champion 600: the tweed version, not like the recent reissue which was of the earlier style. Serviced and speaker reckoned, $595 plus ship
3. 1963 Gibson Falcon: pretty nice amp, brown covering, been serviced, $425 plus ship
4. Harpgear 1: Still have it, nicely lacquered tweed. $475 shipped. 
That's all for now.  I can get pics and if interested a sound file too with a little lead time. 

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