Re: [Harp-L] Blues plus

You are hitting a pitch or combination of pitches that is recalling something in your past. It could be apprehension, angst, warmth. love, fear, etc.  I would call it soul. 
Try to capture your sound so that you can re-live it. 

On Mar 13, 2012, at 1:37 PM, Music Cal wrote:

> I have been working on blues lately (playing the chromatic). I am mostly
> just keeping it simple and sticking to I-IV-V 12 bar blues. I am making
> much progress yet sometimes I feel like something is lacking in certain
> bars. I am hearing a vague musical expression of a fleeting feeling but
> before my inner ear can recognize or be fully aware of its musical
> expression the harmony transitions and the feeling, along with the vague
> awareness of its musical expression, is lost. It's a vague "outside" kind
> of musical sound and I seem to be tormented by this fleeting notion mostly
> (but in happens elsewhere as well) on the IV chord of bar 10 of a standard
> I-IV-V blues harmony. Any ideas what the musical representation of this
> feeling might be (ie, some whole-tone sound, diminished sound etc)? I know
> this is a vague question and this feeling may not be universal but maybe
> others have had a similar struggle and could shed some light.

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