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On Mar 12, 2012, at 8:58 PM, Robert Hale wrote:

> Let me see if I understand this:
>   1. A U-blocker is able to learn pucker and Tongue Blocking, (if they
>   choose to) but not all players are able to form the u-blocking shape?

1... True. Genetically some people have trouble with shaping their tongue. (some have trouble wiggling their ears) lol

>   2. And the U-blocker who learns to pucker and TB has the most tools
>   available?

2... Of course. 3 is better than 1. Like the commercial says: "Doesn't everyone like more cash?"

>   3. But a U-blocker will typically NOT learn to pucker because the U
>   shape is easy(er) and effective?

3... True. The very fact that u blockers CAN form a channel with their tongue dictates that they need ROOM to do this in their mouths. So then having a mouth with that capacity usually means that it will be harder for them to purse their lips down to such a fine blow hole (for lack of a better term). One hazard on u-blocking. It tends to rub on the taste buds at the end of the tongue and can get you pretty raw......IF you stand too close to the harp..that is.  

Note: It is generally regarded (that's generally) that a tongue blocker is covering an area of 3 holes and blocking out the 2 right, 2 left, or 1 center hole. But there are those who only cover 2 holes and block out 1. (opening up for splits). This could 'almost' be a pucker. I have never heard the 3 styles delineated positively. In other words described in such detail whereas NO confusion existed. 

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