[Harp-L] Learn 6 positions first year

Should a diatonic (Richter) student be introduced to 6 positions during the
first year?"

In my view, no.

I've been running Harmonica Academy since 2008, teaching harmonica online. Likewise in China since 2006, on a large scale. I've become familiar with the challenges facing new students.

My observations:

- Getting a clean two hole draw note is hard. Really hard.
- Likewise any sort of bend, much less controlling it.

Like anything, the students who persevere succeed in the end.

Once bending is happening, the next step is to incorporate bends into simple blues solos. Again this takes a lot of time. I've listened to many beginning blues soloists, and noticed a great reluctance to use bends, particularly on the 3 draw.

My conclusion. In the early stages stick to 1st and second position. Get the basic techniques down, clear notes and bends. Work on incorporating them into solos.

Check out my course outline, at http://www.harmonicaacademy.com/categories/20080307_10

You'll see that I don't introduce 3rd and 4th position until late in the course. Dave Barrett has a carefully structured and well thought out blues teaching method, likewise he doesn't go beyond 1st and 2nd position until deep into his course.

The task of a teacher is to understand, really understand how hard it is for beginning students, and met them at their level. Jon Gindick does this pretty well I think.

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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