[Harp-L] Virginia Harmonicafest 12

This years Harmonicafest was simply out of this world with superb players, great jams almost constantly it seems, renewing friendships with many great people and making new friends.   Unfortunately, many of the friends we made last year were not present this year and were sorely missed. 

 I didn't win any prizes this year but somehow Sandy ended up with MY bright orange Seydel tee shirt.  I ended up with a few new harmonicas including one of Brendens' Power Benders.  It must be defective because mine doesn't sound nearly as great as the ones played by the fabulous Mike Stevens.  The many seminars were full of great information and insight like I have never seen before.  

I'm grateful to those responsible for hosting this great Harmonicafest, to the great entertainers,  and offer my thanks to all involved.  I hope to make it to all future "happenings" and look forward to meeting, and re-meeting, many music breathing friends. 

Lockjaw Larry
Breathing Music daily, almost three days at the Virginia Harmonicafest 12

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