[Harp-L] RE:songs of the hellish scenes I lived in to play music over the years

Walter ... or spontobeat ... love your music and your post about the
gallery performance. Especially like your acoustic guitar/harp songs about
bad places you've lived ... thanks, keep on playin'!

Bob Loomis
Concord CA USA

walter gloshinski wrote:
QUOTE Thanks Surly Mac! I did a gig last night at an art gallery. It was
not an art show, just my music. The gallery was set up with tables and
chairs. There was a $5 cover and it was packed. People came out to hear
music as the focus. I have been on pretty much a 10 year hiatius from
playing live gigs because the quality of them has degenerated to music not
being the reason for coming. On top of that with me making everything up as
I go along such gigs are worthless. I need an interactive audience that is
willing to open their hearts. (SNIP ENDQUOTE)

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