[Harp-L] HarmoniCollege gets a free upgrade.

HarmoniCollege gets a free upgrade. HarmoniCollege is Saturday March24th with the early bird jam on Friday night.

The fine folks at Heritage Farms , http://www.heritagefarmmuseum.com/pages/aa-map.html , have just given us a free upgrade from the bunkhouse to two of their cabins.  Classes will be held in each cabin. You can see the cabins at these links, http://www.heritagefarmmuseum.com/pages/aa-hollyberry.html and http://www.heritagefarmmuseum.com/pages/aa-applebutter.html 

All the private rooms are taken. In Applebutter Inn, we have 2 twin beds and a queen size sofa bed remaining. The price is still $50 per person. 

After those 3 spots are taken, we will arrange for a 3rd cabin if there are 4 or more people interested, at $100 per person. People in this 3rd cabin can bring a spouse for $25 more.

If you do not want to stay overnight, you can join in with the jam, food and lessons for $40.

You can read details at http://hhcwv.com/harmonicollege.html

Or email jrumbaug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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