RE: [Harp-L] Sax and Harmonica

smokey joe (the last of the cafes) posted:

> > Greg is correct about saxes. The first model was the Bb Tenor. I have no
> > idea why> > 
OK - nice! Joe and Greg are both incorrect... the first saxophone that Adolf Sax invented was the baritone...
A great book on the saxophone is "The Devil's Horn"
Harmonica content:
Greg and I both play both instruments...
Greg is a very good harmonica and sax player ( and singer) check him out sometime!
Smo-Joe now only plays harmonica... very well I might say!
The harmonica family needs a baritone harmonica!
The harmonica and sax were invented around the same time period

Michael Peloquin
The West Coast Harmonica Summit DVD has been released:

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