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Believe it or not, that was Connor Trinneer himself. I asked him during the Q&A at a Star Trek convention a few years back. He said it was really him playing, though they'd recorded the licks beforehand, so onscreen it doesn't look like he's playing what you're hearing. He also said it was a little odd because the harp they gave him to play on camera was a CX-12 because it made it look more futuristic, but while he was recording, I think he said he used a MB1896. That was a good episode. And he's a lucky to mack on Padma Lakshmi in that episode.

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I was watching Star Trek Enterprise tonight and there's some harp playing in season 2 episode 11 'Precious Cargo'. Was just trying to figure out who it was that was playing. The episode opens up with one of the cast members sitting in his cabin playing the harmonica. 

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