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..but when a C melody sax plays the fingering for 'C', it IS C. Seems like the C melody is the 'mother' instrument of the family, in 
terms of the nomenclature for naming of fingering 'positions' and yet it is the least heard instrument in the sax family .

>>> Seth Galitzer <sethgali@xxxxxxxxx> 9/03/2012 14:55 >>>
Correct. And likewise, when an Eb sax (alto or bari) plays a C it sounds
like an Eb. The Eb (or Bb on a tenor) is frequently called the "concert
pitch." Most clarinets are Bb instruments, as well.

On Mar 8, 2012 8:33 PM, "Robert Hale" <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Let's see...
> from my High School band days, a Bb sax READS a "C" on the treble clef, and
> the sound heard is Bb.
> Correct?
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