Re: [Harp-L] Lipstick WAS: Mendes Harmónica Trio

Since you ask...

At the 2010 SPAH convention, someone asked that question of Judy Smith during the panel discussion about bass harmonicas, and someone from the audience offered:  "Infallible" by L'Oreal.  I got some, and while I haven't yet tried it while playing harp -- I'm just not a makeup person except for the very dressiest of occasions -- I can tell you that as lipstick goes, it is very pernicious stuff.

Elizabeth (who cleans up okay, and is improving as a player, but is unlikely to appear on, for a variety of reasons)

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> Speaking of lipstick for harmonica players... <grin>
> One of these ladies has red lipstick on. What kind do you ladies use, that
> doesn't get all over YOU and the harp??
> Robert Hale

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