Re: [Harp-L] 12" replacement speaker

I also have a 12" Cannibis Rex speaker in my Harp Gear Double Trouble. I've been playing it for 5 years now and it has a big fat tone with lots of low end.

Bob "The Captain" Boyd
Texas Tide Band

Emminence Cannibis Rex has worked great for me in a 20 watt 6l6x2 cathode
biased amp.


On Wednesday, March 7, 2012 5:36:31 PM UTC-6, Sean Monahan wrote:

I'm looking for a speaker to replace a Jensen C12R in my Multivox bass
combo amp...I like the amp...the Jensen sounds great...but I hear ghost
notes when I'm bending high notes. I've modded my Champ with a Weber 10''
Alnico and I love it. any suggestions? or should i just go with another

Thanks Sean

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