[Harp-L] songs of the hellish scenes I lived in to play music over the years

The one man band took a rest tonight and my acoustic guitar and harp called me.  I played music  about how I left home as a kid and played in some hellish street scenes and living situations-crack houses, whore houses, junkie dens with the hells angels, guns, knives, and near death was always knocking on my door. I would live anywhere I could for free that let me play my music 24/7.   No youtube video learning.  This is the truth and listen to the songs if you like. For you recording guys- this was done with one mic (an akg c414) with a 1938 kalamazoo acoustic guitar and a stock marine band on a rack in A and the solo harp songs were with stock marine bands in low D and A I think? . Walter 
I didn't learn to play music on the youtube(gtr/vcl/harp)
40 years of blowing harp in parking garages(voc/harp)
I learned my music on the ghetto streets(gtr/voc/harp)
skipping and hopping to my babys house tonight9vocal/harp)
the rat hole places I have lived as a musician(gtr/voc/harp

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