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Great  clip! Thanks!   
C-64 is playing reversed, yes? (upside down) 

Yes - I meant to mention it before - he's a lefty.

I asked about lipstick because I have a new student who wore bright red  
lipstick on her first visit. I'm offering her a tissue before we start  now.

 As to your student - rather than offering a tissue (which might come  
across as a bit condescending - especially if she's an adult?) - you could  
simply mention that lipstick 'might' get into the mouthpiece and cause some  
problems with the slide so if she'd care to remove it you have tissues 
available  - and have the box handy. If you're talking about diatonics it's a 
non-issue.  They're easily cleaned and everyone leaves some kind of mouth 
'residue' on a  harp. So hers will have a bit more than most if it's a goopy 
lipstick. So she'll  have to clean it right away. That'll be a good lesson: 'how to 
maintain  and clean your harmonica'. :) 
If she seems dismayed  then you could add that after having this particular 
discussion with other  women players the consensus was (and this HAS been 
discussed on other lists)  that most use either lip balm or a light lip gloss 
rubbed in -  but generally stay away from heavy lipstick while playing  
(although it's certainly still an individual choice). I'm only suggesting  this 
approach because for all you know hers IS the kind which doesn't get all  
over everything. Some women do spend a great deal of money to ensure this and 
 you could easily get off on the wrong foot by making an  erroneous 
Still, you could choose to think of it as merely 'red-tinted vaseline'  
since there are so many players who use that particular product on their 
slides,  no?<G>

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