Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Learn 6 positions first year

SmoJoe wrote:
'Then I wrote a long dissertation explaining certain words to the Elizabeth 
 girl and made a complete imbecile of myself.'
..I didn't take it that way, Smokey ;) More as your typical kidding around  
making up your own multi-names and inventions of new words which I truly  
enjoy. We're quite used to you doing so here and on Slidemeister. S'all  good.
But I do hear you about the learning as it pertains to diatonics and 2nd  
position. I haven't seriously begun that particular journey along the 
diatonic  trail yet, although I get my feet wet every so often and then immediately 
back  off again. One of these days I'll venture forth!
It's so nice having really good friends among the best diatonic  players 
who can teach me. I'm very lucky.

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