RE: [Harp-L] the notes don't sound

Well Hohners in some shape or form have been my main harmonicas for at least 25 years and I can honestly say that I've never experienced an off-centre reed (to the extent of causing buzzing or no response) on a brand new harp. Inconsistent offsets, out of tune occasionally, yes, and, rarely, just a bad reed that just won't come right whatever you do. I'm not saying that it can't happen, and it could be that I've been lucky with the literally hundreds of Hohners I've bought.  My point was, essentially, that "centralising" a reed on a new(ish) harp is unlikely to solve a problem. Cleaning, gapping and tuning, in that order, should be the stepwise approach. The more intrusive adjustments should be bottom of the list. If a previously good harp suddenly develops a reed issue, and it wasn't you messing with it, it is most likely, by a long distance, to be either a cleaning or a tuning matter. I think. I always only think.
> Well, we are talking about a Hohner.  In my experience, Hohner reeds  
> are often not properly centered OOB.  i've had to center Hohner reeds  
> in order to get a harp to play properly when it was brand new.  If a  
> reed is somewhat off center, but the harp still plays, hard blowing  
> can exacerbate the problem as can debris.
> Suzukis have welded reeds which stay in alignment.  Off center reeds  
> are NOT uncommon on new Hohners.
> JP

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