Re: [Harp-L] If money were no objext...

"John Dekker" wrote:
<What amp/mic combo would you pick? Assuming you primarily play blues, but also some classic rock (with a band).
<Would you consider the Richard Hunter method of playing through a Digitech RP (using his patches, of course) <into a keyboard amp?

To which davymax replied:
<I bought the Sonny Jr. 410 and never looked back. I have over 10 amps and Sonny's is the go to for gigging and <also recording. I am not a paid endorser, just a lucky so & so.

And "Rob Paparozzi" said:
<If I played primarily blues I would probably go with an Amp. But Ideally, 
<why not have both an AMP for certain gigs and an Digitech RP (with Hunter's 
<Patches) for gigs like your 'mixed' gig or classic rock or pop or whatever...
<I've since used the RP on a few gigs and a recording session and I can't 
<believe I've waited this long! Richard's patches are a godsend for Harp 
<Players...they are so perfectly tweaked for the Harmonica and sound great 
<with my Audix Fireball as well as my Ultimate 57.

I think the above, between Davy and Rob, about says it all, except to add that you really don't have to choose one or the other.  Digitech RPs with my patches are inexpensive.  If you've got an amp you love and you want to add some great new sounds without spending a lot, an RP with my patches does the job.  If you want to gig with an RP alone, that works too--I've been doing that with various RPs since 2003.     

Regards, Richard Hunter

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