[Harp-L] RE: If Money Were No Object?

Best amp/mic combo if you have Bill Gates bank account huh?  I'd start with either an original '59 Bassman or an original '57 Bandmaster. I've been lucky enough to have played through both and they really are worthy of legendary status. If I could only have one I'd go with the Bandmaster. They are very rare so you don't see them that often and I like that it's just that bit smaller and lighter.  

For a somewhat more modern amp I'd look at a Harp King 6x10, if you can find one. Again besides tone there is the cool factor and if you have that kind of money you can hire someone to hump it around for you.  A close 2nd would be a Sonny Jr. Avenger.

For mics, if it's only allowed to have one, hands down a custom wood body from Greg Heumann with black label CR. If you prefer a stick to a bullet, I'd still give Greg the call and get an Ultimate 545 with vintage element, Bulletizer, and volume control. But since rich folks can do whatever they damn well please, I'd get a box of mics of all sorts and a second guy to hump them around.

I'd also add a Lone Wolf Harp Delay and, if you didn't get the Harp King, a Kinder AFB+.

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