Re: [Harp-L] If money were no objext...

If  "money were no object" why would you have to make a choice? ;-)
Irrespective of whether I was using a modeller in the chain, or not,  I'd still use a 50-100W, 4x10 (or similar sq. inch sound wave) tube amp driven by 2x 6L6/6550/KT90, or 4x6L6. Because the finals impact on the on-stage feel & response (and that's my preference). Tube amps are no less compatible with preamps & modellers than SS amps Watt for Watt. SS keyboard amps offer higher W RMS at lower prices and physical weight (e.g. a 300W tube amp would need to come on wheels) amps are even cheaper & lighter still.
But really I'd try everything out, and go with what suited my needs for each venue best...of course, as well as money, "time" would ideally be unlimited too! ;-)
If you are playing big enough venues, everything is going to end up through the PA/house system anyway, whether a preamp, tiny tube amp, modeller, or big tube amp, SS/digital keyboard as long as you find a way to hear yourself on stage, ultimate volume of your rig starts to become moot.
Most players, even working on the breadline, seem to manage to accumulate a few mics, it's best to have a couple of options re. Hi-Z, Lo-Z, differing elements...if I had to pick one mic? SM57 (or similar) and a lo-hi impedance transformer will cover a lot of bases.

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What amp/mic combo would you pick? Assuming you primarily play blues, but also some classic rock (with a band).

Would you consider the Richard Hunter method of playing through a Digitech RP (using his patches, of course) into a keyboard amp?


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