Re: [Harp-L] If money were no objext...(RP Digitech Units)

If I played primarily blues I would probably go with an Amp. But Ideally, why not have both an AMP for certain gigs and an Digitech RP (with Hunter's Patches) for gigs like your 'mixed' gig or classic rock or pop or whatever.

I'm not a big Tech Head as many people know, I plug in and play. The past 10 years on my gigs which cover everything from Little Walter, Butterfield to Stevie & Toots...I've been VERY happy with my Reissue Fender Blues Deluxe 1x12 with two mics: The Audix Fireball and Greg Heumann's Ultimate 57.

2 weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and picked up a used Digitech RP 350 from Guitar Center for $99.00 (it works like new)
Richard sent me the corresponding patches and then with one phone call to my old friend I was up and running.

I've since used the RP on a few gigs and a recording session and I can't believe I've waited this long! Richard's patches are a godsend for Harp Players...they are so perfectly tweaked for the Harmonica and sound great with my Audix Fireball as well as my Ultimate 57.

The Patches 'Track" extremely well and a pretty darn good substitute for an Amp when you need the flexibility,
The Amp Modeling is superb and the EFX are really sweet and so many to choose to 'color' up your playing with many shades and cool EFX. The Engineer at my favorite Studio where I recorded my CD said "Wow, that is totally's One Stop Shopping for Harp Sounds all in one unit!"

This units are NOT a lot of dough new or used and the amount of time Richard has spent to give US what we need, is invaluable.

Thanks Richard Hunter I'm glad this is NOW part of my Toolkit as a Pro Harper.

Rob Paparozzi

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What amp/mic combo would you pick? Assuming you primarily play blues, but also some classic rock (with a band).

Would you consider the Richard Hunter method of playing through a Digitech RP (using his patches, of course) into a keyboard amp?


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