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yeah,Jerry - if that's the one where Will Galison, Richard Sleigh  and  a 
bunch of others were jamming on guitars and harps in the Lobby at night  - 
Brendan off to the side coming up with hiphop harp with LDMiller and  Jay 
Gaunt and others of the 'Young-at-Harp' kids, and all of this  going on at the 
same time.
I caught some of it on tape. Remember asking just who WAS 'that guy' and  
being informed it was Dale Spalding. Very cool stuff was going on so I made  
sure to videorecord some.
Here's a very interesting YouTube video I just found from Poncho Sanchez  
about making his cd. You'll have to wait until 2:20 or so to see Dale - but  
if you're into brass and Latin music it's all good:
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I think Dale was at the St. Louis SPAH  

Thanks Jerry, 

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I've always kept up with the who's who in the world of blues harp, but  it 
that there is always someone jumping up who I haven't heard before.  Last 
year it 
was Greg Izor and just now it is Dave Spalding . These guys are  so good 
that I 
know that they didn't develop their talents in a vacuum and  suddenly 

The both have ties to The Little Elmore  Blues Band, which is a great group 
Austin muscians kicking butt around  town. The self titled CD release 
turned me 
onto the talents of Spalding on  harp and vocals. I really don't know how 
managed to elude me up 'til now,  unless he has nothing else recorded. I've 
more of a detailed review of  the release on my blog. 

See ya-- 
Ricky B" 

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