[Harp-L] Blu Tak - Another use

I'd been trying, unsuccessfully, for a long time to find a way to
modify the left side of the harmonica to make it more player friendly
for tongue blocking. I've tried a lot of materials but not
successfully until the other day I tried some generic Blu Tak as the
photo displays. Works beautifully. Not sure why I didn't try this


I could swap my Harpmaster coverplates to Bluesmaster or Promaster
ones BUT the embouchure profiles are quite different and I MUCH prefer
the Harpmaste covers. I also smoothed the sharp edges of the comb with
a pocketknife.

This harmonica has 16 reeds with Blu Tak on it. The tuning is circular
with my own variation at the low end (JohnnieHarp circular tuning I
call it)

I play it A LOT and have for 18+ months. From time to time, I have to
adjust the Blu Tak on a couple of reeds slightly, for tuning. I
disassemble and clean the harp often and am very careful around the
Blu Tak.

I use generic Blu Tak from Staples. Got some white poster putty from a
dollar store when in a pinch and found it to be too soft and chewing
gum-like to work properly. The Blu Tak I have is firmer and works

My next project will be to do a harp in a lower key with solder to
make it more resilient. Eventually I'll extend this to other keys. I'd
order a Seydel in this config but am not sure how the embouchure
profile compares to the Harpmaster.

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