Re: [Harp-L] Sugested player to learn from AND Norton BuffaloÂs sources?

"martin oldsberg" wrote:
<  So two questions here:
<  1) Can you suggest another player who sits somewhere in the rock-country-blues zone and whoÂs not only using <the instrument for soloing,
<  and...

Depending on your definition of "soloing," you might be interested in my unaccompanied pieces, which certainly put the harmonica into a wide range of roles besides that of lead improviser.  You might also be interested in my recent work with loopers, in which the harmonica plays roles that include bass and chordal accompaniments.  You can find both at:

You might also take a listen to Peter Ruth's "Harmonica and Ukelele Project," which presents harmonicas in a range of roles and settings.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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