Re: [Harp-L] wireless rig

Steve, I use the Line 6 Relay G30.  It is digital, noiseless, simple
to use, and works perfectly every time.  It is advertised everywhere
for $299 but you can get it for a bit less.

In fact, I used it during a gig in Estes Park CO last night.  I've had
it for 6 months or so and have gigged it about 20 times.  It sounds
exactly like a cable.  There is no companding like in analog units,
and zero latency.  The range is said to be about 100 feet, but I've
never lost signal while walking around a club and I'm sure I've
exceeded that distance.

I've tried several different wireless rigs and I prefer the Line 6. I
used the previous Line 6 version for a couple of years and upgraded to
the Relay G30.  I recommend it highly.

-Rick Davis

On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 9:25 AM, steve brazier <frogman7usa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> does anyone know what wireless rigs work best for amplified harp?I have built an electric neck rack with a crystal element,similar sounding to an Astatic JT30,is it best to run it through a wireless microphone system or wireless guitar system,I would think guitar but not sure,anybody?????
> Steev Inglish (formerly Mr.Downchild)

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