[Harp-L] SPAH 2012

The ultimate harmonica experience is happening Aug 14-18, 2012 in Irving, Texas, the location of SPAH's 49th Convention.  It has everything mentioned in your posts EXCEPT competitions and free beer. It is for for beginners and pros alike.  All harmonicas and styles are welcome.  At last year's convention there were over 50 seminars and workshops presented by people who are passionate about the harmonica. Some are international performers and some aren't.  We are all players looking to become better players. There is something for everybody and more. And then, there is the music-it's live and spontaneous.
There are exhibits and sales of harps, amps and much more. The manufacturers of the products are there and you can talk to them. So are some of the people who post on 
harp-l. It's nice to see real faces.
I am now looking for seminar/workshop presenters for the 2012 Convention, so if you will be attending and want to share your specific harmonica passion with others, email me directly at mwewers@xxxxxxxxxx .
Manfred in Toronto the Good and SPAH Convention Seminar Coordinator

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