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I bought a Samson wireless rig from Greg Heumann and I'm generally happy
 with it.  You can find out a great deal about wireless rigs from Greg's
 website:  Much has been written about Greg on harp-l 
praising his expertise and it's all true--he's a terrifically helpful, 
knowledgeable guy and I would suggest you check out his site.  I've had 
him modify two Kalamazoo amps--very happy with them both--and he's also 
modified four different Astatic JT-30's, putting in really great 
elements of my choosing.  He's a true craftsman and he's the go-to guy 
for wireless systems.

I say that I'm "generally" happy with the 
wireless rig for a couple of reasons.  When I bought it I thought I 
would want to use it with my JT-30's, all of which have xlr inputs. I 
had to modify the xlr inputs to pin-2 hot for use with the wireless.  
Not a biggie--Greg did the mod work for me.  When I tried them with the 
wireless, though, I found that the tone I so loved getting from a 
controlled reluctance or controlled magnetic element was damaged by the 
wireless.  It's a subtle electronic distortion, but I can hear it, and I
 felt it defeated the purpose of having a vintage element in the mic.  
Also, I found feedback to be a problem.  Maybe I didn't fool around with
 the JT-30's and the wireless rig enough to conquer the feedback 
problem.  The good news is that I've found that my audix fireball mic 
works beautifully with the wireless rig.  To my ear, the fireball can be
 too clean for some tunes when played conventionally (e.g., using a 
cord).  But with the the subtle distortion generated by the wireless rig
 it sounds great.  You can't do high compression hand effects with the 
fireball but the tone is there and there is no feedback issue 
whatsoever.  You can wave the wireless fireball in front the amp and not
 experience feedback--it's an easy mic to use in that respect.  Maybe 
I'll experiment with my JT-30's and the wireless again someday but, for 
me, the fireball and the wireless rig seem made for one another.  And 
the wireless transmitter attached to the fireball is nicely balanced, 
light weight and very comfortable. I have an A-B box where I 
run one of my Greg Heumann modified JT-30's (he put really great 
elements into my Astatics) into the A input and the audix fireball 
through the wireless into the B input and I can use the footswitch to 
choose my mic--corded Astatic or wireless fireball--depending on the 
requirements of the tune.  Works great.   I now have three harp tones to
 play around with: acoustic harp through the PA, somewhat clean but with
 an edgey tone with the wireless and, also, a fat, thick tone with a 
JT-30 --using the A-B box has been a great addition.

Hope this helps.


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> Subject: [Harp-L] wireless rig
> does anyone know what wireless rigs work best for amplified harp?I have built an electric neck rack with a crystal element,similar sounding to an Astatic JT30,is it best to run it through a wireless microphone system or wireless guitar system,I would think guitar but not sure,anybody?????
> Steev Inglish (formerly Mr.Downchild) 

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