[Harp-L] Re: River Bottom Blues

Thanks for the plug for my debut murder mystery, RIVER BOTTOM BLUES, Don. 
Michael, it is fiction. Since I've always adhered to "write what you know", I've 
written a very fictionalized tale taking the deaths of John Lee Williamson 
(SBWI), Henry "Pot" Strong, and Little Walter as a jumping off point and 
basically said "what if" and "who if". I wrote it hoping to entertain blues harp 
musicians, blues fans and hopefully murder mystery readers along the way.

My protagonists are an ex-reporter/blues harp musician and his partner in chime, 
a recovering drug addict/preacher, who was once at the top of the blues harp 
heap. They are bound and determined to find out who killed their mutual friend, 
Bobby Tarleton, whose own blues star was ascending and the official cause of 
death was ruled  heroin overdose.

RIVER BOTTOM BLUES can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Barking Rain 
Press, Powells Booksamillion, and several other online spot. Sign copies can be 
purchased at http://www.richardbushbooks.com and my blog 
http://bushdogblues.blogspot.com Click on the Paypal button and I'll include a 
coupon from the publisher for a FREE eBook. 

Sorry for the blatant self-promotion, but I do think that harmonica folks will 
enjoy the read.

See ya--
Ricky B

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