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So you want more harmonica players there? At an exhibition you can "invite" the players you want instead of begging for contestants. Stoke our egos a little bit and a lot of us will show up. That's what works for me at that South Florida Blues Society event. A special invitation, disperse the budget so every invited player gets some of the money, instead of just a "chance" at the prize. Make it a fundraiser that's also promoting the harmonica. Different harmonica styles get an opportunity to exhibit what they do to the public at large...suddenly we'll feel like an important part of a harmonica community (like harp-l), bringing our talents to a worthy event, answering the call for the good of all.  Everyone wants to feel wanted, especially the maligned harmonica aficionado. Invite pros, amateurs, blues, classical, whatever categories you want. You can be as liberal or restrictive over who gets invitations as you want. This allows many options for those hosting the event.

The Uninvited (tip of the hat to an old band I was in) will want to be part of the event, wondering what they can do to "earn" an invitation. Suddenly inclusion is a resume/promotion point for all, there's no risk of losing.

The dirty secrete: the competitive juices will flow. There will always be some performances better received than others for whatever reason. Since we're all getting paid, all invited, we can enjoy the applause and learn from and enjoy each other in a less ego threatening environment...  then we can plan a better performance next year.

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