[Harp-L] Guillaume Robin French Harmonica player...

About Guillaume Robin,

In fact I wrote that he was amator, but in fact not...he IS a professionnal; just that living from Harmonica is not so easy for majority of the musicians who often have other jobs. Guillaume is an artist singing and playing with a band, but also someone working to "program" other artists... 
An other way to say that's someone on both side of the Stage.

And for now, at the present time he is organizing a Blues Festival in Cholet (France) ...The week of the Blues !

Yes the Blues is a lot apreciated in France. This is not the first time, and not the last...


> > From: jerry  harpman654 <harpman654@xxxxxxxxx>
> > Hi,
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> > Do you known this man ? French player  ?
> > 
> > Great solo :  http://youtu.be/Cu16SKqHKpw
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> > Jerry


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