[Harp-L] Useful app

Hey all,

I don't know if this has been discussed before or not, but I found a very
useful tool I use for practice...

My instructor (Michael Rubin) uses Band-in-a-box as a teaching and practice
tool, providing adjustable backing tracks. It's definitely handy but of
course you're limited to the PC to use it.

I've got a couple of Android devices (phone and tablet) and I recently
discovered an app called Chordbot that lets you do something similar to
what we use BIAB for, creating a backing track to jam with. You can create
as many bars as you want, they've got a really extensive chord library, you
can do slash chords, and it's got a pretty solid assortment of preset
rhythms. I wouldn't say it's as robust as BIAB but for a mobile app it's
pretty solid. There's even a free "lite" version you can try out to see if
you like it.

They do have an iOS version as well, so iPhone and iPad users can get it as

I'm not affiliated with the app makers at all, I just found it and think
it's handy - thought maybe someone else might also!



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