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Hey Tony,

The best resource I know of that will allow you to learn the building blocks of blues harmonica--techniques and licks plus a little foundation in theory--is David Barrett's book/CD instructional called "Building Harmonica Technique."

I know there are other programs and online resources out there, but David's book will lay a solid foundation for you, teach you a ton of useful techniques and offer a context for each lesson. Great stuff. A Ton of useful, practical and downright cool-sounding stuff. 

Learn more here:

Good luck on your blues harp journey! 

Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M.

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Does anyone have any input on the Mel  Bay book Blues Harp Licks Chart with cd. It sounds good. Would it be of help to learning licks that will work. I need building blocks to help me out with learning to play. Thanks Tony

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