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Chris, the SM57 is made specifically for the use you mentioned, it is a  
much better choice to mic an amp.  
The SM58 is a vocal mic, it has a pop filter for plosives',  the popping P 
sounds from a vocalist, because of that it filters some  sounds from amps 
and instruments that you want to preserve.  The  ball on the 58 makes it 
impossible to place the mic element as close  to the speaker as you can with a 
57, so the 58 can pick up more unwanted  sounds from the room when used this 
With a cardioid pattern mic like a 57 or 58 you will also pick up some  
sound from directly behind the mic.  Be sure it is not pointed at a  stage 
monitor, the back of another amp, a humming neon sign, cooling fans  on a PA amp 
or any other source of sound.

When you mic a 4-10 or other multiple speaker cabinet, mic the  speaker 
toward the inside of the cabinet adjacent to another speaker.   Micing towards 
the outside of the cabinet allows a higher  amount unwanted ambient noise to 
be picked up.  Mic  dead center on a speaker cone and you will get a trebly 
sound that  most people do not like, most prefer the mic positioned at 
least half way  out toward the rim.  I've seen sound 'tech's' point the mic at 
the  center of a 4-10 cabinet, directly at the baffle board... don't do that! 
  Most people want the mic as close to the speaker grill as possible 
without  touching the grill itself.  This is the best way to reduce the amount of  
ambient sound from that mic channel, but, there are a dozen+ different ways 
 to mic something, all have their merits and drawbacks.
Christopher Richards
Twin Tone Harmonica Microphones
www. harmonicaplanet.com  

In a message dated 3/2/2012 10:53:47 A.M. Mountain Standard Time,  
harp-l-request@xxxxxxxxxx writes:What would be the  better mic for  micing  a four 
speaker amp  through a PA? 
A  Shure SM 57 or a  SM 58 ?

Chris  Mastakas

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