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I approach these issues perhaps a bit differently.

1. If amp has 4 speakers that are the same, I assume that the sound from each speaker is equal to any of the others.
2. Therefore, I would only consider micing 1 speaker and not worry about all 4
3. I will place the mic facing the center of 1 speaker and listen to the result through the PA. Then I will place the mic facing closer to the edge of the speaker and listen to this through the PA.

If memory serves me correct, I found that I liked the sound from the edge of the speaker more. I also don't place it right up almost against the speaker, but leave 1/2 foot space or so.

As to which mic, try one of each. I know the 58 has a proximity effect, enhancing the bass frequencies the closer you get to it - especially for vocals.

Spend a little time, close your eyes and listen.

Decide which sounds best to you.

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What would be the  better mic for micing  a four speaker amp  through a PA? 
A  Shure SM 57 or a SM 58 ?
Chris Mastakas


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