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Larry Sandy wrote:
<I have used the Blu-tac successfully for temporary tunings but when the reed plates get sticky ( due to sugar <build up) I remove the reed plates and scrub under running water using Dawn and a soft toothbrush.  That ruins <the Blu-Tac tuning, whereas Solder is unaffected.  I am preparing to tune down a 365 using a small dab of epoxy <containing brass dust.  Sandy's nail polish didn't work as I had hoped.  LOL .   I know, don't eat nor drink <sugary refreshments while playing, but sometimes the jams make me thirsty and the cooler has that great iced <tea.....
<Do you know how many steps can be tuned down, especially on a 364 or
< 365?
<Thanks for the info on how to tune to Dorian Minor.  Now I feel compelled to tune a 364 or 365 to Dorian <Minor.  

I bet toothbrushing the blu-tac does indeed change the tuning.  I don't know how many steps you can tune a harp down with solder or blu-tac before the reeds go unstable--I know people have tuned harps down a whole step.  

Dorian minor is a great tuning.  That's what Peter Ruth said the first time I handed him one--"That's a great tuning."  Made to order for ii-V progressions and minor-mode rock and roll.  People who automatically bend the draw 3 reed down a half step will find it takes some habit-breaking to use it effectively.

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