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Sir BurkeT,

The 364 D does start on a low D, just as the C does.  The newer 364's ( and possibly the 365's) are no longer made in Germany and to my ears have a slightly different timbre, which I like.  Their entire history isn't clear to me but they've been around for several generations.

I visually compared some 364's to 365's and realized they are the same thickness and height but the 364 has a very slightly flatter area where the lips contact them.  The 365 arches more in that area.  That surprised me because I agreed with other players in describing the 364 as "fatter".  

I have flattened some 364's covers but it didn't seem to improve the sound much, if at all.  I did change the sound of one harp by applying rubber tape to the inside of the covers.  The sound may have sounded the same to observers but the vibrations I felt were subdued.  I considered attaching thicker  tape to "muffle" it more.    

Have you half- valved any yet?  I don't particularly care for the performance of half valving, even my Pro Masters, but there are occasional uses for them.  I make mine out of a thin strip of teflon oven liner ( don't tell Sandy where her big sheet went).  I also have several commercial windsavers in my larder. 

I have several ideas to try and find the experimenting very rewarding.  But that's just me.

Now, I'm going to start a fresh pot of Joe.  Then spend the evening.....

Breathing Music to-daily
Lockjaw "anxious for Virginia Harmonicafest 12" Larry

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Thanks Larry:

I appreciate the feedback and tips.  More things to try out!  I look forward to trying new methods to make these harps more responsive.  The low C is really nice and growley, and the upper scale notes nice to have.  I assume the D 364 model is a low D and does not start the scale where a standard Marine Band in D would and goes up from there (Like the G does) ?

In comparing a  C 364 to a 365 yesterday, I found the immediate reaction to be that the 364 sounded a bit tighter and more responsive OoTB, but maybe that's the extra length of the 365.   The 365 cover plates feel better on my lips though.

This is a great road map and I'm sure it can't take you very long before you are rewarded with 
a fresh cup of joe :)

Keep me posted on your adventures in taking a C down to a low A. 

Burke T.

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