[Harp-L] Case for custom combs?

Curious to ask those on the list who have purchased custom combs to replace stock mfg. combs, what benefits can they report.

I play seydel 1847s and session steel harps, Hohner special 20s crossovers and thunderbirds, Suzuki olive, harp masters and manjis. These have varied comb materials. I like, and am at the same time critical of them all for different reasons. Are custom combs flatter or better in some other way as to reduce air leaks to improve playability?

I saw a post from David Payne about the use of aquarium silicone on plastic combs to reduce air leakage; it's also well documented in the archives about reed slot embossing to reduce leakage. 

What do customizes do to their harps in order of importance?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks, Ross Macdonald

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