[Harp-L] All Blues - Miles Davis

I love this song and immersed myself in it about 15 years ago to the point that I transcribed the horn/ 2 sax harmonies for 3 harmonicas...

Originally, I played the main part (Miles) and taught Grant Dermody and (sorry for my lapse in memory) a second good harmonica player the sax parts for a performance at Augusta Heritage Center Blues Week in, I believe, 1998. Ralph Gordon was on bass and the jazz week drummer was on drums. It came out very nice.

I took this arrangement to the legendary SPAH 1998 Convention and played this piece as part of my short set...Grant was there and Joe Filisko was the third harmonica voice. Rhythm section was the one used for the blues concert - Big Dave and the Ultrasonics rhythm section.

This was a very nice example of how to do this tune, keep its integrity intact and also showcase how 3 diatonics can be used in a unified fashion to create a pleasing arrangement.

This was filmed and does exist somewhere on 2 VHS tape project that SPAH released for sale.

I still hope that the current SPAH will go back and collect so much great stuff on VHS and upgrade them to DVD for sale...good source of income for SPAH and a lot of great performances to see and archive.

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