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Sam, this is the man you listen to for feedback. Joe Leone is so awesome, he does not form opinions, because his opinions instantly become facts. When Jon Goldsmith got the part of the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man in the World" for the Dos Equis commericals, he spent six months with Joe doing character research. As a toddler, Joe taught others to walk. He impaled Vlad the Impaler. His treehouse has a finished basement.  He can start a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together. If he was texting while driving, ran a red light, and hit your car head on, YOU would be at fault. When Alexander Graham Bell invented the Telephone, he discovered he had five missed calls from Joe Leone. He can't walk on water, but Joe Leone can swim through land. If a statue were built for him, the Washington Monument would close due to poor attendance.
If you don't know Joe, you need to. Absorb everything this man does and says.
THis is Joe Leone:

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> It's brave and on the ragged edge and it's what people do when they're evolving a style or figuring something out.  I thought Sam tagged the melody pretty hard at least 4 times in that performance.  Thanks for sharing this.  An interesting work in progress.   Personally and subjectively I didn't hate it and I think I get the gist of what it is you're trying to do here.  Hard stuff.
> I'll add to the meta, historically this has not been a list that's mean in terms of criticism any time anyone is generous to offer their work up for a listen or two. fjm

The only things I could have said were: 1... the drummer should have been doing a jazz waltz beat. 2...the drummer should have been using brushes. 
Otherwise, I understood it as modern or 'open' jazz, and not necessarily a progressive jazz. Soooo, thumbs up.

smokey-joe  (the monster hasn't been seen since he fished at Loch Ness. HE has abducted space aliens. Yes, he is definitely the most unusual character you will ever meet).

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