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Seems to me that traffic on the L is at an all time low ebb anyhow. That's delete key was getting kinda worn anyhow haha! I posted some old
timey youtube clips by a pal of mine a few weeks back and got nary a
I thought he was pretty good...but there you go.

On 27 July 2012 11:03, <EGS1217@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> **
> Rick's certainly not the only one, Emile--but you know I've been a fan of
> yours for a long while--from Slidemeister. The problem is that my speakers
> somehow couldn't bring it in--it sounded very far away and I simply
> couldn't hear it well at all. I began doing a search on youtube for another
> version when I dozed off and that was that.
> Meant to ask if you possibly had a live version, but there are other
> things going on in my life at the moment (illness in the family), so I got
> a bit distracted. My apologies.
> I'd pretty much guarantee that we are not the only two who listened in.
> People will watch vids but not always post their thoughts.
> DO you have another version, although it could be my computer--I can
> usually get sound in rather well?
> I'd like to second us taking Randy up on his suggestion and putting the
> word 'video' in the subject line whenever there is a video (whenever
> feasible). It's sure to at least trigger more hits for those interested,
> although I know for me I'll need reminders until the idea takes off.
> Best,
> Elizabeth
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> Thanks Rick it's nice to know at least one person listened to it. LOL

Rick Dempster
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