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"Sam Friedman" wrote:
>>>  Here's a recent video of my trio playing All Blues. Unfortunately the
>>> sound quality isn't great, so I recommend/encourage you to listen with
>>> good
>>> speakers or headphones to be able to hear the bass well. Let me know 
>>> what
>>> you think!
>>> -Sam

This recording has obviously stirred up a lot of interest on this list, and the audience seemed to appreciate it in the video, so there must be something going on here.  The playing is assured, and the way you've tried to meld two very different traditions (blues harp and jazz harp) into one performance is daring.  One could argue that it's consistent with the title of the piece: if it's "All Blues," why not put contrasting blues styles into the piece?

Ultimately I don't think the melding works--the sudden change of musical context is confusing and disconcerting, and the down-home sound of the blues isn't right for the piece (or for the rhythm section, which clearly thinks it's playing a jazz tune.) The difference in volume when you're playing the traditional blues material further increases the listener's sense that two very different styles are being jammed together. 

However, the playing, as I said, is assured, and if you're not going to take chances at this early stage in your career, when will you?  Every performance is a learning experience, and I learned something from this one.   

Regards, Richard Hunter 

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