[Harp-L] Wednesday night open mic at Wildlfe Brew Pub, Victor, Idaho

Hi all, 

I'm playing a series of open mics on Wednesday nights throughout the summer, 7-9 PM local time, with singer/guitarist Brian Maw at the Wildlife Brew Pub in Victor, Idaho.  It's a very nice place, just over the state line from Jackson, Wyoming (about 40 minutes from Jackson, given that the state line runs through a mountain).  

List members who'd like to sit in are welcome, and I assure you that it will be a harp-friendly occasion with an appreciative audience.

List members who'd also like to bring their friends to eat, drink, and cheer are especially welcome. The Wildlife makes their own beer, and it's very good stuff.  They also make good pizza. (My standard for "good" in pizza is the stuff I get in New Haven, CT, arguably the best pizza town in the USA.  So good means, um, good.)

See you there, I hope.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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