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If you read the YouTube Comments area Rick, Al himself posted this about 11 
 months ago when asked what key of harp he used:
".....the head is played on a C chromatic and the solo stuff is on a Cï  
golden melody. the tune is in the key of G. Thanks for the nice comment mate". 
 Al Price
(FTR--at about 4:48 I can distinctly see him playing the GM. It's clearly  
the way the filming was slowed down to create the atmospheric video which  
created the illusion he played a chromatic throughout when he'd switched off  
to a diatonic).
PS: and yes, all those weird letters after your name is how it posted on  
the Digest. It happens with other folks as well.
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Mmm....amazing the way  he makes that chromatic he appears to be playing
throughout the song sound  like a diatonic for two thirds of it.
I wish he hadn't done  that.

On 26 July 2012 09:41, Emile Damico  <oatss_oatflakes@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is a version by one of  my favorite players

Rick Dempster
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