[Harp-L] Re: All Blues

Sam, I think it was an interesting experiment fusing country-blues
harmonica with a jazz piece. I don't think it "worked" but it might be
evidence of you finding your particular style, I think. I can definitely
say I've never heard anything quite like it. I thought the Ricci licks at
around 3:50 were pretty good, (though maybe they don't quite fit the song
or your style)... keep working at it though and you'll make it your own.

Suggestion: have a melody or theme that you return to from time to time
through the piece, as an anchor or touchstone. Then the song will sound
more cohesive, and you'll be able to develop variations of the theme that
will function as movements, to give the song some body, direction, and
grace. Maybe relisten to Miles, Adderly, and Coltrane, (they did all play
on this piece, didn't they? can't remember) and pick a few phrases that you
can make your own, and use them as your theme. I heard you play a bit of
them in the piece. Keep at it!

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