[Harp-L] Harpers International Gig List

Hello My friends,

After reading Tom Ball's post on Harp-L, and then an email exchange with Tom Ball regarding Danny's International Harpers Gig List, I have volunteered to take on the GIG LIST project. Danny has graciously allowed me to take the ball. 

The site is already set up. Here's the info: 

WEBSITE:  http://www.harpersgiglist.com

The inbound email is setup for everyone to submit your gigs: harpersgiglist@xxxxxxxxx

The format you've always used for submissions is the format you all will contined to use (as described at the website). You can also use excel if you so choose.

I hope I can do half a good a job that Danny did over all those years.  Danny, thank you for all the hard work and real commitment you've made to the harmonica community over the years!

Thanks everyone, I look forward to serving...

Jeff Silverman

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