Re: [Harp-L] FRIENDS Bobby Mcferrin

On a tune like this I'd Switch between a G & C Harp and a Chromatic to add some cool's neat how it has a major - minor feel on the bridge and passing over the Bbmaj7th etc....

Make sure you are fluent on your 3rd hole bends if you are gonna use the G harp tho...if not there is plenty of stuff to play on the C 9in third position )...The Chromatic will give you a nice substitute for those muted trumpet lines...and use a little efx and delay for some texture...

I worked with Bobby in the studio in the late 90's...he is an amazing Musician and a sweet guy...

Nice Tune...have fun with it....

Best, Rob Paparozzi

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Hi.. need what Diatonic do i need to play on this

I think is on Dm...but would like more input on this..


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